حصريا : أكثر من 30 أداه في برنامج واحد Advanced System Optimizer v2.20.4.762 الأقوى لعام 2009 تحميل مباشر و على أكثر من سيرفر .. MPG ‏

اذهب الى الأسفل

موضوع مميز حصريا : أكثر من 30 أداه في برنامج واحد Advanced System Optimizer v2.20.4.762 الأقوى لعام 2009 تحميل مباشر و على أكثر من سيرفر .. MPG ‏

مُساهمة من طرف يوسف في الخميس أكتوبر 01, 2009 3:22 pm

السلام عليكم و رحمه الله و بركــاته.

اعضاء الماحق الكرام.

حصريا : أكثر من 30 أداه في برنامج واحد Advanced System Optimizer v2.20.4.762 الأقوى لعام 2009 تحميل مباشر و على أكثر من سيرفر

مميزات البرنامج

- أولا هذا البرنامج " لا غنى عنه " لأي جهاز
- متوافق مع نسخ الويندوز Xp Vista Support
- يحتوى هذا الاصدار على الأدوات الجديده Spyware Detective, an Icon Manager, a Media Files Organizer, and a comprehensive backup tool for Outlook and for files and folders

- امكانية استاعده ملفات الــ Registry بالكـــامل في حالة اصابه جهازك بفيروس " مهما كان مدى دمار الملفات " !!!

- ليس هذا فقط بل و " مسح " ملفات الــ Registry التي تصيب الجهاز بالبطئ الشديد

مميزات آخرى نستكملها في الشرح !!


تابع الصــوره أدناه
" مع ملاحظة أن الصـوره متحركه "
قد تستغرق بعض الثوان حسب سرعة اتصال النت

ينقسم البرنامج لعده أدوات رئيسية
و لكل أداه رئيسية أدوات آخرى فرعية

Optimization Tools
Memory Optimizer:
Recover memory within minutes without affecting stability. Optimize system files for faster response time and prevent your system from the most common causes of PC crashes.
Windows Optimizer:
An all-in-one utility to customize various Windows settings. Tweak Windows programs according to your requirements and boost your PC's performance.
Registry Defragger and Optimizer:
Fine-tune your system registry by removing redundant data and invalid entries. Get a fresh new registry with no fragments and no bad data.
PC Fix-up and Information Tools
Repair and Fix Zip Files:
A powerful tool to repair corrupt zip files. It checks the data integrity, fixes damaged files, creates a backup of the original file and then repairs the corrupt zip files.
Split and Join Files:
Split larger files into smaller chunks for portability and join them back to get the consolidated original file. Split and join files of any format.
System Information:
A helpful utility that helps you get detailed information of the software and hardware components of your system. It comes with an easy-to-use and friendly interface.
Files and Folders Information:
Get detailed information about any of your files and folders. Know about the occupied and available space in various drives on your system.
System Analyzer and Advisor:
A quick solution to analyze and optimize your system performance. It collects information about your system settings, analyzes them and provides you with suggestions to enhance system performance.
Safe Uninstaller:
A comprehensive tool to manage programs installed on your system. It provides you with a descriptive list of all the installed programs and also an option to uninstall the existing programs.
Logon Settings:
Fine tune Windows logon per your requirements. Get features like automatic logon, special messages on startup and options to configure startup security settings.
System Clean-up Tools
System and Disk Cleaner:
A simple tool to get rid of the trash collected on your system. It targets junk and obsolete files which are missed by common disk utilities.
Registry Cleaner and Fixer:
Over time Windows registry can begin to hold invalid data which causes Windows slowdown and other possible problems. Registry cleaner streamlines your registry by removing invalid data.
Find Duplicate Files:
Your system may have many duplicate files that consume disk space and make the system's file access rate slow. Find and remove duplicate files to save memory.
Startup Cleaner & Autorun Manager:
A comprehensive utility to manage startup and autorun programs. It empowers you to add and remove programs in startup.
Secure Delete:
Get rid of the fear of your deleted data being recovered. A dependable tool to delete files and folders permanently with no possibility of being recovered.
Security Tools
Secure Encryptor:
A simple utility to protect confidential and valuable data. Encrypt the Files and Folders and prevent them from being browsed.
Sticky Pad:
A handy repository for notes at your desktop. Supports features like add, delete, hide and unhide notes. You can customize their appearance as well
Privacy Protector:
Most of the activites done on your computer are stored and can be traced easily. Ensure your privacy and keep sensitive information secure using Privacy Protector.
Spyware Detective:
Many sites on the Internet use different spying techniques to collect information from your system. Spyware detective detects and removes the most commonly found spyware.
Block Programs:
Block the programs you do not want to be executed. The programs added to the block list are not uninstalled but simply not allowed to execute.
Maintenance Tools and Utilities
Easy Backup Files and Folders:
A utility to back up all or any files and folders, emails and registry on your system with an built-in scheduler to schedule your backups.
Media Files Organizer:
An all-in-one solution for organizing various media files. It lets you group the files under various folders, create play lists, save your database, organize favorite folders and much more.
Appointment Planner:
A comprehensive tool to schedule your appointments, holidays etc and get notification on the time scheduled. It can also be used to store passwords.
System Files Backup and Restore:
A minimal effort tool to revert back to the last good configuration entries by backing up system files and restoring them in case of System Failure.
Beautify Windows Tools
Windows Minimizer and Fader:
A simple utility to tailor the Task Bar appearance. With this tool you can easily switch over between all opened windows and can minimize or maximize them accordingly. You can also set their transparency level.
Wallpaper Changer:
A perfect tool which automatically changes your desktop wallpaper and make your own group of images.
Icon Manager:
Icon manager provides you with one single interface to change


مساحة البرنامج مضغوط WinRar
9 MB فقط




















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موضوع مميز رد: حصريا : أكثر من 30 أداه في برنامج واحد Advanced System Optimizer v2.20.4.762 الأقوى لعام 2009 تحميل مباشر و على أكثر من سيرفر .. MPG ‏

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الف شكر لك يا غالي ...
غيث مقدادي

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